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Modded Synths:
Some of my synths... and what i have been doing to them...

Powertran Transcendent 2000 (MIDI+Module-fied)

Korg Micro Preset M500SP (MIDI-fied)

Korg 800DV

Korg MS-20 (MIDI-fied)

Korg Mini-Korg 700S

Korg Mini-Korg 700S #2
(with Full CV/Gate Mod Guide)

Korg 770

Jen SX 1000 (MIDI-fied)

PAiA 9308 FatMan 1u Midi Rack

PAiA 9308 FatMan 1u Midi Rack #2

PAiA 9308 FatMan #3 2u Midi Rack

Moog Realistic Concertmate MG-1 (MIDI-fied)

Oakley Moog Rogue 1u Midi Rack

Roland SH-09 (Midi-fied)

Roland MC-202 1u Midi Rack

Syntecno TeeBee Mark I (T303)

SMS (Synthetic Music Systems) MARS + BOB

Vermona M.A.R.S. & M.A.R.S. Control

Braintec Transistorbass3

Kawai (Teisco) S-100F (MIDI-fied)

Octave The Kitten II (MIDI-fied)

ARP Axxe Modular (by Analogue Solutions)

Solton SM100 (Info, Pics & Stuff)



Drum Machines / Rhythm Boxes / Drum Modules ...

Modded Drum Machines:
Some of my drum stuff... and what i have done to them...

Roland TR-606 Drumatix

Roland TR-909

Boss DR-110

Tama Techstar TS-305 (6 Channel Analogue Drum Synth)

Music People Drumfire DF-500
(5 Channel Analogue Drum Synth)

Cheetah MD16RP
(2u Rackmount 16bit Drum Machine)



Misc Equipments of Interest ...

Midi to CV Converters:

PAiA 9700 midi2cv8

Doepfer MCV8

Vesta Kozo MDI-1


CV to Midi Converters:

Sycologic AMI


CV Interface / Tool:

Korg MS-02 Interface


Patch Matrix for Analogue Modular Synths

Analogue Solutions/Phobos Synapse


Midi to Drum Trigger Converters:

Modulus Electronics Midi2SDS I/II



And, if you use Steinberg Cubase SX (Or Nuendo),
please visit my Cubase SX Midi Device Panel Page,
I've put up some panels for various synths and stuff.



OK, over the 1st 12 months after this website has been put up,
I do get the occasional emails from people who've been doing 'whois' on me.
Reason why i didn't include email here was to avoid spam plus I still think this web is not yet ready.
But if u do need to email, or have info on modding that you wanna share, then try



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Roland TR-606 Roland TR-909 Boss DR-110 Tama TS-305 Drumfire DF-500 Cheetah MD16RP

PAiA 9700 midi2cv8 Doepfer MCV8 Vesta Kozo MDI-1 Sycologic AMI Korg MS-02 AS Synapse Modulus Midi2SDS