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Powertran Transcendent 2000

It came like this (well, this is how it was when i got it):

This is what it looks like now:

Well, yes, it's been module-fied (or desktop-fied).  Actually it's a bit more than that...

Love it or hate it ?!

bulletWell, I suppose the T2k is a cross between love & hate. You hate it because it looks cheap, looks home-made.
bulletThe one I got, even the keyboard is working all right, you feel like the screws are gonna come off any minute.
bulletThe wooden frame doesn't like screwing and unscrewing too much, hence the screws get looser each time you open up the bugger.
bulletThe switches are really tight and not recommended for quick switching.
bulletOutput signal to noise is not very good.
bulletFilter is raw, but it has some kinda guts and somehow it's pretty powerful. My 1st play with it, not only i was doing different synth sounds, the filter got me into getting low boom kicks and FX very quickly.
bulletIt's quite large in size. Since it's 1 PCB design, the PCB is long, and longer than 19", so you can't rackmount it without cutting it up. (so I module-fied it).
bulletIt's got jacks for External CV-Gate inputs (Gate uses S-Trigger).  But as the synth uses a non standard voltage for CV (like 2.562 x 27.4 x N mV, where N is the # of key resistors between the top and bottom notes) and the External CV input is somehow a little out of tune if you use a standard (e.g. Kenton Pro Solo) Midi-CV converter. Also, on my T2k, you have to hold down a key when using External CV-Gate, otherwise it won't trigger, since it'll only trigger when it crosses 0V to negative V.
bulletThe filter pedal control can't be used for Aux CV input, as the filter requires -12V (Min) <-> 0V (Centre) <-> +12V (Max). The filter pedal jack is stereo, one end going to a resistor going to +12V, the other -12V.
Well with a bit of modifications, I got mine going all right. Below are some details of what I've done....


C Y 's Mods on the Transcendent 2000

bulletIEC Mains Plug
bulletBetter Signal-to-Noise Mod
bulletLED for the Slow Oscillator (LFO) Rate
bulletExternal CV Tuner
bulletHow to avoid the "Hold down 1 key for External Trigger" problem
bulletKeyboard Removal - "Module-fying the" T2k
bulletAdding Midi & Aux CV to -12V <-> +12V



Some Transcendent 2000 Soundz

bullet T2k Filter Seq
Basically playing a simple sequence tweaking the Filter Cutoff and Resonance.
Notice how raw/mean the Filter can get. This thing has some guts!
bullet T2k Filter + Shape
Kinda PWM-ish, tweaking the Shape controls...
bullet T2k Filter Self Osc
No VCO, just the filter with the Resonance right up - so it's self oscillating. Turning the Filter Cutoff produces loads of those hi-pitched FX... Eple anyone?
bullet T2k Filter Drums/Perc
Again, just the Filter with Resonance turned right up.
This time, with the correct decay settings in the VCFAD, it can do synth percussion. Playing a simple drum pattern, it can do those thumpy kicks!!!
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Other Links on the T2k...

bulletAnders' C.A.G. Cloned Analog Gear site has the original ETI scans & schematics for anyone to download
bulletJ's site...( has info and images online (at least ... used to have ... )



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